Legendariske Muse i Oslo Spektrum 25. oktober 2009.

Muse er kjent for å gi sitt publikum sjeldent gode konsertopplevelser.
Priset som en av verdens beste liveband, og elsket både på plate og på scenen. Muse betegnes som dyktige, storslagende, og perfeksjonister til fingerspissene.
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Don’t miss Green Day in Oslo Spektrum 12th of October 2009!

Green Day formed in 1987, and launched their first album in 1990. The band has sold over 65 million records worldwide, and won three Grammy Awards. They are known for their vigorous stage performances as well as feel-good hits and strong punk. Get ready to groove with the bestselling punk-pop band in the history. The ticket sale starts 4th of May..


”Walking with Dinosaurs” comes to life in Oslo Spektrum Oct 27th - Nov 1 2009.

After years of planning, the award-winning BBC TV series, “Walking with Dinosaurs” comes to life in a stunning theatrical event. The TV-show is BBC’s biggest success ever. After 65 million years they’re back.
On sale: Monday March 23. 9AM


Enjoy, and take part when P!nk enters the stage in Oslo Spektrum, 9th of November 2009!

P!nk has never been afraid to speak her mind, bare her soul, and share her deepest feelings in her songs. As she casually confers, “I have no choice. It’s what I do.” Indeed, it is what P!nk does. And, her 23 million in album sales, two Grammy Awards, five MTV Video Music Awards, and eight top 10 hit singles are proof that the tattooed badass with the heart of a pussycat does what she does well. She describes life as a carnival, it`s a metaphor for being in love and for life. The ticket sale starts 9th of March 09.00 AM.
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Vise-rockeren Lars Winnerbäcks vakre melodier fyller Oslo Spektrum 12. november kl. 19.30!

Sist Lars Winnerbäck besøkte Oslo, ble billettene revet bort på under 2 timer!