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Her vil du finne et detaljert faktaark som lister opp utstyr på huset, tekniske spesifikasjoner og annen relevant informasjon. Denne oversikten er på engelsk. Hvis du skulle ha behov for ytterligere informasjon, ta kontakt med oss på telefon eller mail. Se feltet til høyre for kontaktinformasjon.

Venue name and address:   
Oslo Spektrum Arena AS, Sonja Henies plass 2, N-0185 Oslo, NORWAY

Adm. Phone and e-mail:   
+47 22 05 29 00 and wiggo@oslospektrum.no

Production offices:   
Located behind stage wall on same level as arena floor

Max. 9,700 people.  3.700 permanent seats.  5,000 chairs on movable grandstands and on the floor, or 6,000 standing on the arena floor. Max cap “in-the-round” 10,500 people.

Floor area:   
3,400 m².  2x230 m² magazines and 1x600 m² magazine.

Food & Beverage:   
In house.  Call for info.

By Scandinavian Concessions Management AB.
SCM AB Rörstrandsgatan 31 - 113 40 Stockholm Tel: +46 8 31 11 02

Truck/Bus parking:       
Parking lot outside the arena next to loading area.  Some parking available inside the arena.
Parking for approx. 2500 cars within 3 minutes. 

Load in:           
Load in entrance 4,5 meters clearance.  Truck access to stage/arena floor.   
On floor:
400V, 3 phases, neutral and earth (5 wire). Powerlock connections.
Stage right: 4 services powerlock, CEE-form up to 125A. Max. 1250A total.
Stage left 1: 2 services powerlock, Max. 315A total
Stage left 2: 1 service powerlock, CEE-form up to 125A. Max. 400A total.
Lots of 63A, 32A CEE-form and 16A 230V single fase.

On grid (5th and 6th floor):
Stage right: 2 services powerlock. Max. 400A total.
Stage left: 1 service powerlock. Max. 400A total.               

Type Stage Right.  154 decks, 8x4 ft.  Height variable from 4 to 6 ft.  Able to support 125 lbs. per square foot.

60 movable 500 kilos hoists, 12 movable 2000 kilos cranes, 6 movable 2000 kilos catwalks.               
Grid:  40x47 meters.  Capacity:  1 metric ton every 4 meter.
Total capacity:  75 metric tons.  18 meters clearance.

Rigging regulations:
Apply to all personnel engaged in overhead technical rigging, with equipment to be suspended, working in the rigging area and spotlight operators. The regulations must be read and signed. Hard hats must be worn in rigging period. Hard hats are available at the venue.

All subcontractors must document to the organiser that they have HSE procedures in place by submitting a declaration of compliance with the Health, Environmental and Safety Regulations. Subcontractors must also be informed of the rules governing rigging in Oslo Spektrum.

Black backdrop. Lots of black draping for dividing the arena and to cover seat kills.

4 Robert Juliat Aramis HMI 2,5 kW.

Internet LAN/WLAN:   
Broadband Internet connections available through LAN or WLAN in arena, backstage area and dressing rooms.  LAN on RJ45 10/100/1000 MByte with or without DHCP, WLAN in zone SPEKTRUM (802.11 ac/a/g/n). Call for more info.

Dressing rooms:   
Located one floor below stage/arena floor.   
5 rooms (9 m²), 5 rooms (40 m²), all with toilets and showers. 1 lounge (80 m²), 1 make-up room (11 m²).
Located one floor below stage/arena floor.  1 room (163 m²) dividable into 3 separate rooms.  1 storage area (64 m²). 
2 electrical ovens and several hot-plates. 
Power:  2x32 AMPS, 400 volts, 3 phases, neutral and earth (5 wire).  Lots of 16 AMPS, 230 volts, 1 phase.

Approval by the local fire department.  Local suppliers are mandatory.  Call for info.  Propane gas is not allowed.

3 forklifts 2650-3000 kilos.  Max. height 4,4 meter.

Multicore run:   
In tunnel.  Length:  80-120 meters.

Mojo:  110 meters.

24:00 (12:00 midnight)

Distance from:
Gothenburg – 293 km / 182 miles
Stockholm – 525 km / 326 miles
Copenhagen – 608 km / 378 miles
Trondheim – 496 km / 308 miles
Bergen – 499 km / 310 miles

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